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The machining process is inherently full of variables.  In the manufacturing world, if you can reduce the variables, you can create a stable process.  In the world of Precision Machining, you need to minimize these variables even further in order to produce measurable and consistent results.  In the world of High Precision Mill-Turn Complete Machining, minimizing is not good enough.  You need to Eliminate.

      That's where WFL comes in.  Today's Mill-Turn Complete Machining is a costly undertaking - expensive exotic materials, lengthy programming time, and high in-process time.  You can't afford the variables.  WFL builds Mill-Turn's and ONLY Mill-Turns.  It has been their single mission since they introduced the first Mill-Turn to the manufacturing world in 1985.  WFL builds machines that will eliminate the Machine Tool from the variable equation.  Stable, Consistent, Accuracy... WFL MillTurn is the definition of precision.

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WFL MillTurn Technologies is unmatched in complete machining of complex parts.  

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